Important Notice — Snowstorm Stella — 3/14/17

To All Residents,

As we have all heard, it appears that “Storm Stella” will indeed be paying us a visit beginning at 2am tomorrow morning.  Your staff is prepared to maintain all systems and see to the clearing of the accumulated snow in all areas, i.e., walkways, driveways, sidewalks etc.  We are asking for your patience with the staff during this time period, with the expected snow fall accumulating approximately 2 to 3 inches an hour.

Meanwhile, although we have no reason to expect that there will be power outages, this is always a possibility in heavy weather. You may want to keep water on hand in pots, and perhaps partially fill your bathtub to ensure that you will have water for sanitary purposes.   Keeping bottled water on hand is probably a good idea.  Also, please keep cell phones fully charged, and keep flashlights and extra batteries on hand.

In the event you experience issues in your unit that requires the immediate attention of the on-site staff, please contact Hudson North Management 24/7 emergency line at 1-914-674-2100 ext. 6, so that the proper party may be alerted.

Again, we expect that we will be able to maintain your comfort during this weather event but please be patient knowing that the building staff is out there working to keep you safe from the early hours in the morning and throughout the snowfall.

For additional information and the latest weather updates on STELLA you can also view

Thank you for your cooperation & Stay Safe.

Very truly yours,
Hudson North Management
As Managing Agent for
By, Rose Pilla