A 1914 map of our neighborhood shows a quite different configuration from today.  Garrett Place did not exist, and a steep cul-de-sac—Josephine Avenue—extended from Bronxville Road through our property.


1914 map.png

Bronxville Lodge, as shown by these documents, was completed in 1932.  It was designed by the architectural firm of Margon and Holder, also responsible for the Eldorado Apartments on Central Park West.  Click on one of the images to scroll through all three.

And when you needed rest and recreation, a dining-and-dance Saturday evening was available just next door.

Do you want to know who was living in your apartment in 1939?  Here's the list:

While all residents of Bronxville Lodge are famous in their own way, one of the most (in)famous past residents of the Bronxville Lodge was Rear Admiral Husband Kimmel.  Commander of the US Pacific Forces in 1941, he was relieved of his command following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Although an official inquiry found him “blamable,” much debate followed.  A resolution passed by Congress in 2000 urged Kimmel be exonerated and returned to his highest held rank before his demotion.