• The Board has established an ad hoc Finance Committee.  Its members are Ed Sullivan, Gilberto Diaz, and Kenneth Bonamo.  The Committee will review and make recommendations with respect to the finances of the Corporation, receipts of the Corporation, expenditures of the Corporation, matters dealing with the funding or taking of funds from the Reserve Fund of the Corporation, and the recording and verification of financial information with respect to the Corporation. The Committee will meet quarterly. The Committee is also charged, after experiencing what works well and what does not,  with making recommendations about the elements of the charge for a permanent Finance Committee.

  • Edward Leahy of the Yonkers Police Department has been recently assigned as Commanding Officer of the First Precinct.  In an effort to get to know the community, he has offered to address the residents of the building about what is going on in the community and offer some safety tips.  For this purpose, a meeting was held in the Lobby on Thursday, September 15, 2016. 

  • From Mike Breen: As an FYI, and in the very near future, a red light camera will be installed at the corner of Palmer Road and Central Avenue.  Remember that when making a right turn on red you should count to five in order avoid getting ticketed for a "roll through."

  • The Board of Directors amended the policy regarding outdoor parking spaces and modified the house rules regarding pets and construction.  These changes can be seen here.
  • A new water meter was installed in accordance with new Yonkers regulations.  The meter allows remote readings and we no longer receive estimated bills.  The new meters are more sensitive, and the Board expects an increase in measured water consumption and, therefore, increased water bills.
  • The Board replaced and upgraded the intercom system.  The new intercoms are at the front and rear entrances as well as at the north and south service entrances.  
  • For information regarding other projects, go here.