Kindly be reminded of the following basic Rules and Regulations:

1.    No guests shall temporarily or permanently reside or use any Shareholder’s apartment without the presence of that Shareholder, or upon specific approval of the 280 Board.  Such request must be made in writing to the managing agent and in advance.
2.    Carpeting should cover 80% of the floors in each Shareholder’s apartment.

3.    Loud noise is unacceptable after 11:00pm.  Excessive and unresolved noise issues between Shareholders should be settled between the involved shareholders in a respectful, reasonable and timely manner.  The above Rules and others are clearly defined in the “280 Proprietary Lease”.  Each Shareholder has a copy of the Proprietary Lease and the House Rules.  The full set of House Rules can also be found on this website.

4.    All deliveries must be made through the delivery entrance on Garrett Place.  Deliveries may not be made through the Terrace entrance or through the Main Entrance of 280 Bronxville Road.  All deliveries, where warranted, should be coordinated through Antonio, the Super.  

280 Bronxville Road is a small community, and House Rules provide a guideline for cooperative living.  We want to ensure that we do our best to remain considerate and respectful of all our neighbors.  

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Rose Pilla at (914) 674.2100 ext. 24 or by email.